kart experience


A go-kart for everyone!

At our track you will find a kart for every age, as well as more powerful karts reserved for more experienced drivers.


A real miniature go kart, made by BirelArt with the little ones in mind.A very light and maneuverable chassis powered by the smallest HONDA home engine, a 35 cc 4-stroke. Little pilots grow up…

  • >> 5/7 years old and 115 cm minimum
  • >> 35 cc
  • >> Up to 25 km/h
  • >> Up to 5 karts at a time


A kart designed and detailed by Sodikart, which allows little ones to find the most comfortable riding position. Steering wheel height, pedal distance and seat distance can be adjusted. Also equipped with roll bars and protective belts, it ensures safe driving.

  • >> 7/14 years old and 130 cm minimum
  • >> 160 cc depotentiated
  • >> up to 35 km/h
  • >> up to 10 karts at a time


Designed and made by Sodikart for you to have fun in safety and comfort. It mounts a 270cc Honda engine, and thanks to the modified gear ratio it offers the right mix of cue and speed.

  • >> 15 years old and 160 cm
  • >> 270 cc
  • >> up to 50 km/h
  • >> up to 13 karts at a time


The Scuderia Kart is the kart reserved for all members of the scuderia club, that is, all those who are more familiar with speed. The kart is a BirelArt, which is lighter and mounts a Honda 270 engine with a shorter ratio and softer tires.

>> From 15 years old and 160 cm >> 270 cc
>> Up to 62 km/h >> Up to 13 karts at a time